Aromatherapy for home – essential oils that improve family “climate”.

Essential oils are used in the premises for flavoring, prevention and disinfection, insect control, air purification, elimination of odors, creation of particular mood and festive atmosphere. But the sphere of influence of the amazing flavors are much broader – they alter emotions, psychological state, contribute to increasing of self-esteem, or, conversely, soothe.

Emotional and psychological effect of essential oils can be used to affect the micro climate of the family, to eliminate negative phenomena – quarrels, irritability, incomprehension. If you choose the correct fragrance – you will create a truly harmonious environment for mutual trust and understanding between adult family members, and between parents and children. Such a “fragrant” background comes to the fore when the whole family gets together – on weekends, holidays, during the evening leisure.

The method of using essential oils to improve the family climate may be only one – oil burners. Of course, you can soak in essential oils the aromatic sachets or napkins and place them on the shelves in the living room, but effective aromatic background they do not create. And to look at soft light of oil burner, filling the room with special coziness – it’s extra fun.
To enhance this feeling, use the circular oil burners, which are perceived as a symbol of protection and unity.

The essential oils that are beneficial to the family climate and communication within the family: bergamot, lavender, cedar, grapefruit, lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary, tea tree, pine, nutmeg, mint, rose.


Aromatherapy – is the use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes. This treatment has been known since the IV millennium BC. Already at that time in the East there were pressing technology, boiling and soaking of plants for producing odorous essences. Today, the technology of producing of essential oils have changed significantly, but their use for therapeutic purposes is practiced to this day.

The term “aromatherapy” has appeared in the 30s of XX century. It was coined by the French chemist who got burn of hand from a small explosion in the laboratory and accidentally put his hand into lavender oil. As a result of this procedure, the hand quickly healed.

Essential oils – the aromatic substances contained in the plants. They are a mixture of complex organic substances – acids, esters, alcohol, aldehydes, ketones, terpenes, phenols, and play an important role in the vital processes of plants to protect them from disease.

Unlike conventional vegetable oils, the essential oils are light, volatile and non-greasy. Medicinal properties have only the 100% natural essential oils, not reconstructed, not divorced and not synthetic, and derived from plants in accordance with the requirements to the essential oils for the professional aromatherapy.

At inhalation of fragrance of essential oil, its molecules penetrate into the lungs and with the help of blood are carried throughout the body. The response to the impact of smell develops immediately as impulses travel along the fibers of the olfactory nerve and the olfactory center, located at the base of the brain.

Pleasant smells and flavors create the feeling of security and well-being that contributes to the restoration of impaired functions of the nervous regulation. This happens because the smell acts on the nerve centers in the cerebral cortex, thereby increasing the release of endorphins – pleasure hormones, neurotransmitters and antibodies.