​Methods of aromatherapy.

The methods of aromatherapy amaze with their diversity and multifunctionality. Along with classical, known methods, such as aroma baths and aroma lamps, essential oils are used by original and sometimes unusual methods like aromatic sachets, aroma potpourri and even aroma books. The breadth of the methodology of the amazing science of medicinal properties of essential oils is explained by the almost unlimited scope of their application.

By the way of the action of essential oils, aromatherapy methods are divided into internal, external and inhalation.

Inhalation methods are the most popular. From the familiar aroma lamps to hot and cold inhalations, aroma pendants, aromatic sachets and mixtures – inhalation methods can boast of considerable variety. They are based on sympathetic perception of odors, inhalation of ethereal vapors, and individual “pleasantness” often eclipses even the healing properties of aromatic oils. These are universal, affordable, fast-acting methods, allowing as soon as possible to change the emotional and psychological state, remove unpleasant symptoms. Despite the simplicity, one can not irresponsibly apply to inhalation methods: overdose, improper selection of ethereal mixtures can lead to serious violations not only of psychological, but also physical health.

External methods are based on tactile contact with essential oils, the mechanism of action on the skin, through which volatile substances enter the lymphatic and circulatory system. Essential oils are never used undiluted because of their irritating properties. The main external methods include aroma massage, compresses, applications, baths, rinses, masks, etc.

The internal use of essential oils is the most controversial. You can take only essential oils, instructions to which indicate the permissibility of such a procedure. In view of their irritating effect on mucous membranes, you must observe maximum care, do not exceed usual dosages in the amount of one drop not more than three times a day and take essential oil in bread capsules, with jam or honey, with plenty of acidified water or juice. Internally, you can not take essential oils without the doctor’s supervision, especially if you have problems with the digestive tract.